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People came in droves to see his plays, you couldn’t pass a bootlegger who didn’t have one of his DVDs and slowly but surely black folk were starting to adopt Madea’s vernacular. ) Then he hit the big screen with his first feature film, Coming out the mixed reviews, the film featured some decent actors, including Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris and the legendary Cicely Tyson.Maybe you’re more familiar than a little bit with this film, but we bet you don’t know the secrets behind this film. They went on various different dates as they can be seen walking together, relaxing by the pond, even having pillow fights and then sharing kisses together.One night on a specific date in August, Orlando confess that he loves Helen as they have dinner.

He is friends with Brian and becomes attracted to Helen during the Diary of a Mad Black Woman film.

This makes him chuckle as he knows a mutual attraction building between them.

During a rainy night in May when Helen was closing down the diner, Orlando comes to pick her up as she is waiting outside having been sent by Brian.

Orlando waits for hours and then finally sees Charles putting Helen out of the mansion. Helen angrily puts him out of the truck when he shows she feels he shown lack of consideration.

He later sees Helen when invited to one of Madea's cookouts and the two initially clashed; Helen threw water on him saying "I'm not bitter, I'm mad as hell!

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